With no village shop, Public House or village clubs there are few occasions when people can meet and enjoy good company whilst welcoming newcomers.  The Coronation Party was a splendid example of how much pleasure such events can spread, but Coronations do not occur very often.  The Church is seeking to create more opportunities for socialising by offering Open Days and Community lunches and a series of interesting talks by local experts.

On Friday October 27th our Honorary Archivist, Frances Luck, a long-term resident in the village, gave the inaugural talk, not only about the history of the village and the church, but a little of her own family history.  She has lived in this village since the 1960s.  She recalled a village with little car traffic, a village shop, a garage, a sweet shop, a school and three Public Houses.  Oddly, even in those quiet days there was a less-frequent bus service than our present one!  She walked us, in our mind’s eye, slowly through the village, pointing out houses of interest and buildings which have changed beyond recognition, and she told us of worthy citizens and long-gone pastimes such as the Garden Club, the Young Wives Club, the Youth Club and village dances.  Do you know how many Land Army girls were billeted in the village? How many ex-prisoners of war decided to marry local girls and remain in England? Or to which hill the villagers all flocked in the snow to go sledging?

It was a truly fascinating presentation.  Before the talk, the audience (of some forty people) enjoyed a box supper with either tea, coffee or a warming alcoholic drink.  The church was beautifully decorated with autumn foliage and despite it being a rather chilly evening, a good time was had by all.

Do watch out for the next talk…

With thanks to JB and the Widford Magazine for the article.

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