Widford Church has been a place in which the art of public speaking has been practised for centuries, quite likely with different levels of competence. The Apostle Paul was very keen to stress that what was important was not the oratory skill of the speaker, but the content of the speech. Certainly, one would like to hope that all the sermons being delivered from the pulpit, lectern and Rector’s stall over the years have borne true and faithful witness to the Lord Jesus Christ whatever the gifting of the preachers!

The PCC has decided to offer the use of the church building for speeches of a different kind – a new series of talks (not sermons) which we hope will interest Widford residents and guests alike. There is no charge for attendance (though we do reserve the right to change this!) but donations are always welcome, of course. If nothing else, these will help pay for the cheese and wine refreshments we shall offer and the cost of heating the building. We hope this programme of “Widford Talks” will be of interest and look forward to welcoming you and your friends. Bookings via the Box Office webpage are helpful for catering purposes.

Image by RocheArtist via Pixabay

Church History – 27th October 2023

This is our launch event for the series. Starting at 7pm, Frances Luck will look back a thousand years to examine the position of the church, the building itself and some of the many people who have brought it to life. There will be many interesting facts to discover, perhaps even for those who have spent many years in Widford. The evening will finish at 9pm.

A Different Education – Date TBA, Summer 2024

We are delighted that another Widford resident has offered to share their experiences of working for a short time overseas in an educational setting. They will bring insights about different cultures, expectations and possibilities. Fuller details will follow soon.