We all want to make the most of our investments. Your giving to the church can be made more effective if you:

  • Give regularly
  • Give with Gift-Aid

Regular Giving

You can set up a Standing Order with your bank to make a regular donation. Simply download this form, fill it in as you wish and send it to your bank.

Give with Gift-Aid

The Government’s Gift-Aid Scheme works so that if you give to the church “with Gift-Aid”, the Government adds 25% to the value of your gift. A Gift-Aided gift of £1 becomes £1.25 for our work without costing you anything.

Effectively it means the Government is just passing on to us the tax you have already paid. So, for example, if you earn £10 before tax and pay 20% tax, your net income is just £8. If you were to give that £8 to the church with Gift-Aid, the Government adds 25% to that £8 (i.e. £2 – the tax you paid on the £10 income).

If you would like to add Gift-Aid to your donations to the church, please download and complete one of the following forms and send it to our treasurer.