Our Vision is to be a point of meeting between Widford and the kingdom of God.

Our key Values are:

  • Authentic Anglicanism
    We value our heritage as an Anglican Church – our liturgy, doctrine and traditions are precious to us.
  • Bible Believing
    We understand the Bible to be the word of God which teaches us about God and addresses us directly about our attitudes and behaviour.
  • Community Cherishing
    Following the teaching of Christ, we aim to love our neighbours and to support the communal life of our village, seeking always to find ways of bringing them to a deeper experience of God’s love.

Our Mission Statement shapes our priorities: We aim to Know Christ and Make Him Known.

  1. Our first priority is to reach out more effectively to those who value the church building but who do not join in Sunday worship.
  2. Our second priority is to manage the churchyards more effectively in regard to environmental concerns and for the benefit of those who value them.
  3. Our third priority is to support existing efforts and lead new attempts to improve community cohesion in the village.

We have several SMART goals under each priority which, when achieved, will move us closer to achieving our vision. Please pray for us as we work towards this.