We’re delighted to be able to celebrate God’s goodness in giving Frances to her parents and to pray for God’s blessing upon her and them as they care for her. We would love to be able to fill the church with people for this happy occasion, but our need to keep social distance means that we have to limit numbers.

We have a rough idea how many people would normally be in church and an indication from the family as to how many invited guests are known to be planning to attend. If you are NOT in either of these categories but would like to attend, please complete the form below so we can make proper arrangements to accommodate everyone safely.

Thank you.

If there is more than one household in your party, please indicate how many in one household and register again for each separate household. Thank you.
We can send you the e-newsletter if you select the top option above.
Otherwise, we will only contact you if need arises (i.e. if there is a COVID19 incident within 21 days of your visit).

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay